Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Bathroom Tiles

There are no surprises here! I've chosen to go with classic white subway tiles for the bathroom walls (and kitchen/laundry splashbacks too). They are simply timeless - and they just happen to work well in both contemporary and traditional homes. They will be perfect for our house, as it is a little of each.

Still haven't made up my mind about the floor tiles however. The architect has proposed white Topcer Octagon tiles (and white dot) from Regeneration Tiles which look similar to this:

When laid, they look like this:

However I also like these marble hexagon tiles which would add a bit of lux:

What's more practical -  stone or porcelain?

Not only do I want the tiles to look good, but I want something that will wear well and be easy to maintain. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Decisions, decisions.....


  1. Love your choices. I have no idea re ceramic and stone except that they're different price points. Love the marble. I still have no idea what to do with our old bathroom, so this is great inspiration. xx

  2. Have you finished tiling your bathroom? What did you install for your flooring? In any case, I definitely agree with the idea of using hexagon tiles in a bathroom. It would be great for a small bathroom because it fits perfectly with the space, whereas large tiles usually overwhelm small areas. Also, it is easier to arrange the tiles because they are relatively small, which makes for easier installation.

    @Alana Geikie

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